Traditional Indonesian Wellness: spa treatments 

Our massage and beauty treatments feature Misool's signature range of natural products, most of which we create fresh each morning in our own kitchen. We use only food-grade ingredients, and choose organic products whenever possible. You’ll find scrubs hand-blended from local ingredients such as Indonesian kemiri nuts and our own coconuts, face toner derived from freshly pressed cucumber, body wraps using our home-grown aloe plants and freshly harvested banana leaves, aromatherapy using fragrant hand-pressed coconut oil, and scrubs using coffee from the highlands of Papua. Our essential oils are of the highest quality. Enjoy our massage and beauty treatments in the privacy of your own room or at The Lookout.


Download our spa menu here, or learn about a few of our favourite treatments:

  • Archipelago 'Jamu' Massage: This healing therapy is designed to relieve stress stored in the body, as well as alleviating emotional and psychological tension. Deep tissue massage is paired with a traditional warm ‘jamu’ compress, made with herbs from around the Indonesian archipelago such as clove, galangal, lemongrass, and pandanus leaf. This treatment soothes weary or overtaxed muscles and recharges the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Signature 'Batu Lola' Massage: Using a selection of hand-blended oils, this massage features a gentle blend of stretching, long strokes, acupressure, and muscle manipulation. We then heat and apply the ‘Batu Lola,’ which is the operculum of a giant turban shell you may have seen along the beach. The turban shell is particularly important to the community in SE Misool, and once every two years the community free-dives and collect the shell. They consume the flesh and sell the shell for use in the cosmetic industry. The discarded operculum, called ‘batu lola’ then washes up on local beaches.

  • Traditional Massage: Enjoy an herbal footwash followed by a soothing variety of traditional Indonesian massage techniques, handed down over the generations to encourage relaxation, dispel tension, and stimulate circulation. Using our signature Misool Eco Resort blend of lemongrass ginger massage oil, this massage features a gentle blend of stretching, long strokes, acupressure, and muscle manipulation.

  • Aromatherapy Massage: Essential oils warm and calm the body, releasing delicate aromas to deepen relaxation and enhance well being. Rhythmic strokes of varying degrees of pressure follow a single direction, increasing circulation while stimulating the lymphatic system. We especially recommend the following aromas: coffee spice, peppermint lavender, citrus clove, and lemongrass ginger.

  • Aloe Vera Rejuvenation: A flower petal foot bath is followed by a gentle traditional massage using local organic Raja Ampat coconut oil. Natural aloe vera gel is applied in soothing strokes, cooling and moisturising skin. The body is then wrapped in freshly-cut banana leaves to seal in the moisture. This is particularly recommended for sun-damaged and mature skin.