More Experiences: so much more than just diving

Raja Ampat is an incredibly rich place to explore, both below and above the water.  We offer a number of different experiences designed to bring you closer to Raja Ampat's flora, fauna, and communities.  Click here to learn more about Diving Adventures and here to learn more about Snorkeling Adventures.  Click here to download our full Experiences Menu. Here are just a few of our favourite experiences:


baby turtle release

Misool Foundation's Rangers guard local beaches which are nesting sites for endangered Green Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles. The Rangers watch over the nests, ensuring their not scavenged by hungry monitor lizards. If a nest hatches during the day, Rangers carefully gather up the hatchlings and keep them safe until after dark, when most of their predators are sleeping.

The most perilous time of a turtle's life occurs just after hatching. With your help, we can give the turtles a little boost +  increase their chances of survival. Subject to availability: turtle mammas answer to no one.

indonesian cooking class

Allow our chefs to take you on a culinary tour of Indonesia. You'll learn how to use fresh ingredients like turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, pandan leaf, and fresh pressed coconut oil to create a few Indonesian classics such as Sumatran Rendang Curry, Balinese Lemongrass Chilli Sauce, and Coconut Pandan Crepes.  

This class takes place outside on the terrace, overlooking the North Lagoon.  

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A Day with the Rangers

Thanks to the ongoing vigilance of Misool Foundation's local Ranger Patrol, biomass has increased on our reefs by 250% over six years. Spend an afternoon getting to know the eld team responsible for this incredible change in our ecosystem. You'll visit their Ranger Stations, climb to a spectacular viewpoint, participate in beach clean-ups, check on turtle nests, and tour the 300,000 acre Misool Marine Reserve.

All proceeds from this tour are donated to our registered Indonesian charity, Misool Foundation. 

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romantic beach castaway experience

We’ll drop you off on one of our private beaches for an afternoon of romance. Just you + your sweetie on a hidden beach with only the sea, sky, + sand for company. We highly recommend a lazy afternoon with fresh tropical fruits + sparkling wine.

Bonus: consider paddling to the beach in a kayak or SUP. We'll provide you with a map to find your secret beach.

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SUP experience

Standup Paddle Boarding is a great way to experience Raja Ampat's spectacular ecosystem from a new perspective.  With the help of Polarised sunglasses, you'll be able to see the reef below as well as the jungle above. 

We'll shuttle you to a nearby area of lagoons, with dramatic karst limestone formations carpeted with carnivorous pitcher plants and wild orchids. 

If you're a newbie, we recommend taking an SUP for a spin in the lagoon before we set out for a longer tour.  It's much easier than it looks! 

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Lagoon Experience

Located about 30 minutes from the resort are the spectacular Wayil Batan islands. These craggy islets of karst fracture off from the large islands, creating a wild labyrinth of turquoise lagoons dotted with small islands. The water is scattered with tiny mushroom-shaped outcroppings draped in pitcher-plants and wild orchids. We'll weave between the islands, stopping to swim in a turquoise blue lagoon.  We then make our way onwards to stop for a picnic on a deserted beach before snorkelling on the nearby reefs. On our way home, look out for pods of dolphins and frigate birds hunting the baitballs at the surface.

village visit

Tour a traditional Papuan village, about 1 hour northwest of our resort island. You will be escorted by one of our staff who come from this small village, which is built mostly on stilts over the sea.

Much of everyday life here takes place outside - you can expect to see lots of friendly and curious faces, betel nuts drying on racks, dug-out canoes being built, nets being repaired, goats, kittens, and children posing for photos. Visit the school, have a look at the mosque, and appreciate how local people live. 


Mangrove Experience

Mangroves are a unique ecosystem at the intersection of land and sea, providing important habitat for juvenile sh, baby sharks, and a host of fascinating plants. We’ll travel north-east by speedboat for about 20 minutes to a nearby island called Sapenipnu, where we’ll bring the boat right into the shallow mangroves.

Look out for turtles in the shallows, then snorkel amongst the roots of the mangrove trees. Be sure to look out for marbled stingrays. 

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Sorong Market Experience

If you have a few hours to spare in Sorong before departing, make time to visit a local market. Apart from being a centre of commerce, the market offers a fascinating glimpse into everyday life in urban Papua.

Your guide will lead you straight into the chaos of the market - be prepared for a visual and olfactory assault. You'll see local produce like bread fruit, turmeric root, and sago. Your presence in the market will not go unnoticed, so expect plenty of attention and friendly questions. Be sure to bring a camera - the best souvenirs from this market are photos.