Guest Chefs Traci Des Jardins & Mary Sue Milliken Fundraising Trip: 12-19 May 2019

Spend a week with culinary superstars Traci Des Jardins and Mary Sue Milliken as they take over our kitchen!  This once-in-a-lifetime experience includes a $2,000 donation per person to support Misool Foundation.  

*this event is also available as a bespoke private-island booking for 5-12 May, 2019.  Please contact us for more details*

Guest Chefs Traci DesJardin & Mary Sue Millikens- Date 17, 2019.jpg

fish geek week 2019 with Dr Mark Erdmann: 19-26 May 2019

Back by popular demand! Join us as we revisit surveys done during Fish Geek Week 2018 to help monitor progress and recovery inside our 300,000 Misool Marine Reserve.

Misool FISH GEEK WEEK- Date 18, 2019.jpg