photography workshops with gug underwater: 12-21 may & 21-28 may 2020

Join us for two exclusive trips in May 2020 with renowned underwater photographer, Chris Gug. This is your chance to learn from an expert as your capture breath-taking shots of Misool’s underwater world. Gug will be on-hand to assist everyone from aspiring pros to snorkelers with brand-new GoPros.

 He’ll also host a series of workshops:

·        GoPro & phone-in-a-housing, vs. a big SLR with two strobes, vs. video

·        Broad photography concepts like composition and use of light

·        Stories behind his favourite photos

·        Equipment advice and coaching

·        Post production and Photoshop tips

Misool Photography_B_01 (2).jpg

dive damai fundraiser for Misool foundation: 21-28 May 2020

Sail North Raja Ampat in Damai 1, an exquisite 40-meter vessel that combines luxury with comfort and safety. Explore secret sites around Wayag and Waigeo with the potential of discovering new species in the Raja Ampat archipelago.

Learn from Conservation International’s Mark Erdmann, whose work pioneered the Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area and join the Misool Foundation team as they share more about their mission to protect the world’s richest reefs. 


fish geek week 2010 with Dr Mark Erdmann: 28 may-04 june 2020

Join host, Mark Erdmann from Conservation International, as we revisit the surveys completed during Fish Geek Week 2019 to help monitor progress inside the 300,000-acre Misool Marine Reserve.

  • Nightly lectures on fish ID, sharks & rays, endemic species, conservation threats & more

  • Join the experts as they lead a special Fish ID dive each day

  • Observe fish appearance & behaviour, record with slates & cameras, then ID what you saw after the dive

  • Special dusk & night dives to witness sharks waking, tiny wrasse flashing and ferocious lionfish hunting

  • Contribute to the Misool Manta Project by helping identify mantas at Magic Mountain


yoga with cerissa: 04-11 June 2020

We’ve added a new trip to our 2020 schedule and we're thrilled to say that Cerissa is joining us to run her ever-popular yoga workshops. ⁠⁠

Cerissa will be guiding free sessions all week, designed to bring a touch more tranquility to your already zen-like Misool experience. ⁠⁠

Drawing on her 18 years of experience, Cerissa will explore the calming techniques of Yin Yoga, the dynamic approach of Yang Yoga and the importance of Pranayama breathing techniques. ⁠⁠Yoga newbies and experienced practitioners will leave Cerissa’s classes with new insights into their practice and an increased appreciation of the balance it can bring to daily life.⁠⁠

For divers, Cerissa’s focus on Pranayama can be particularly inspiring - helping you gain increased relaxation and optimized air consumption while under the waves. Non-divers will also learn to enjoy the benefits that focused breathing can bring to your body and mind.⁠⁠

Sessions are scheduled around the diving programme and private sessions can be arranged at an additional cost. ⁠